What our customers say:

“After my first visit to Cotswold Foot Clinic I made another appointment for 2 months time. I must say I love my visits, my feet feel lovely. I also find the visits to be very professional and very friendly. I mentioned on my second visit I was having problems with my legs, I had been to a Osteomyologist, but still had the problem. Carole then suggested making a custom fitted silicone wedge between my big toe and the next one as my walking gait had been compromised by the pain.
I can honestly say after a month I had no problem, in fact I made a point of ringing Carole to tell her of my pleasure. I was pain free and amazed and I would recommend this clinic to anyone. It is also very nice for Honeybourne to have a professional body on our doorstep.”

Denise Gisbourne

Carole for about 18 months now has been looking after my feet and I can only say how much more comfortable walking is again. Carole’s advice, friendliness  and knowledge is the best I have come across and I cannot imagine going anywhere else.

David (Honeybourne)

An average active person takes approximately 7,500 steps a day. A person living until the age of 80 will have taken approximately 216,250,500 steps in his or her lifetime. It equates to approximately 112 miles and walking around the earth 5 times! That’s amazing don’t you think but sadly our feet are generally forgotten about.

Whether you are young or old, male or female our feet are often neglected and the last part of our anatomy to be given any tender loving care. Many common ailments such as back ache, poor posture and walking difficulties can often be linked to the way we care for our feet. With conditions such as diabetes, which is sadly on the increase, it is extremely important to maintain good foot health care to reduce any further health risks. With regular foot care management, symptoms of discomfort can be greatly relieved or even eradicated, making everyday life more rewarding and enjoyable. Prevention is better than cure so whatever your age or gender, taking care of your feet should be of high priority.

Treatments offered

• Corn removal

• Fungal infection

• Callus reduction

• Diabetic foot care

• Nail trimming

• Foot massage

• Verruca treatment

• Medical Assessment

Now offering a separate on the spot fungal nail diagnostic test

Have you been diagnosed with a fungal nail infection and have tried many products but frustratingly can not see any noticeable results? It could be possible that it is not a fungal infection. This test substantially reduces the chances of a false result and the costs and time incurred on a course of treatment that isn’t working.


Benefits of the diagnostic test:

  • Immediate test results without having to wait several weeks.
  • 97% accuracy compared to other tests.
  • Cost effective treatment that begins immediately.
  • An appropriate referral if its not a fungal condition.